Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Delft II aka Jan discovers herring

It took a while before I was able to get back to Delft. There was so much to explore in the Schengen countries that a 20 minute trip to Delft always took a back seat. However, when Jan was finally able to come to the Netherlands after much struggle with getting a visa, we were finally able to go back to Delft.

We did most of the things I did the last time, except get up at Nieuwe Kerk (I wonder why?) and paddle boat. I definitely had to bring Jan to the Oude Kerk where Vermeer was buried. He was, after all, a fine arts graduate.

The leaning tower of the Oude Kerk.


In the Nieuwe Kerk, we just pretty much fooled around with the camera, enjoying the beautiful lighting inside.
Turning back against the light?

You can say that pretty much the highlight of this particular trip to Delft was Jan having his first (and most likely last) taste of the infamous raw herring. They say that this was the Dutch version of sashimi. Uh, not quite. I still prefer sashimi but would not shirk from the slimy experience of herring though.

Anyway, I forced Jan into having his try when we passed by the open market. I told him I will share the herring if he feels so iffy about it but he had to eat it just for the full authentic Dutch cuisine experience. Being the sport that he was, Jan agreed. We bought our fresh herring sprinkled with onions and salt. Jan stared at the thing for a while and took a deep breath before plunging the slimy thing into his mouth.
No. He did not like it.

I am, however, quite proud. :)

Inside another Delft church.

The taste of the herring refused to leave his mouth, so Jan and I finally ate our lunch to remove its taste. Being cheapskates, we prepared sandwiches from home to eat during the trip.
Jan seems to be enjoying his sandwich. If memory serves me right, it would be smoked salmon with cheese and lettuce. Fish for the win!

We passed by the part of the town where they sold flowers. Since the day was about to close, the stall owner was selling sun flowers for five euros for a two bunches. I asked Jan to buy some for me, and he did, and it made my day.
The memories of Delft became doubly pleasurable having had the chance to share it with my crazy Pinoy Mafia family and my bestest friend Jan. Remembering Delft would always bring with it the charm of old Europe and the cheer of quiet adventure and the pleasure of friendship.