Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aling Lucing's Sisig

Pampanga is known for its delicious cuisine which inspired restaurants like Cabalen and Mangan, Kapampangan words for 'fellowmen' and 'eat' respectively. I lived in the province for eight years back in the 80's yet I was never able to taste Aling Lucing's sisig.

Last weekend was finally my chance. Aling Lucing's was once a small carinderia type stall along the forsaken railroad in Angeles City. The eatery has always been known for the origin of sisig, a dish made of chopped pig cheeks and ears. What was once a simple stall grew into a bigger establishment with two floors to hold the numerous customers that flock to taste original sisig.

aling lucing's

The lines are long with people wanting their Aling Lucing's sisig. We were the lucky ones to get the last two servings. After hearing that, the people behind us decided to leave. Understandable because what's the point of eating there if not for the sisig.
aling lucing's

The pork ears and cheeks are chopped finely then mixed with lots and lots of onion. I don't know what else they mix in. Outside the sizzling plates are placed on top of the grill. The plates are rubbed with margarine and the sisig is put there to cook.
aling lucing's

It was a long wait for the sisig. The orders were just too many and the servers few. It took ages before the waiters were able to clear our table. Despite the service, people stay on to await the food. But it was well worth the wait. I was used to the crispy sisig of Gerry's Grill so it was a surprise that Aling Lucing's sisig was chewy. The margarine taste made the dish more delectable to the taste.
aling lucing's
not a very good photo but it tastes better than it looks!

We also ordered chicken butts. Do not scoff this poultry body part because it is quite tasty. The sauce made it more delicious. Mmmm...
aling lucing's
the last of the chicken butts. we were so hungry that i forgot to take a picture.

Have some Aling Lucing's sisig!!!


Ibyang said...

that looks soooo yum. i love sisig. i'm planning to make my own sisig here at home just to give in to my craving. bahala na si batman :)

Kat said...

Been to Pamapanga so many times, but I've never tried it! My friends and I always makes plans to visit the place, but we just never made that trip to the "forsaken railroad." Aling Lucing's has branches here in Manila already, but I refuse to try it here. I wanna try it in Angeles! Sisig looks yum! :)

anj said...

@ibyang: sisig is so pinoy no? always great to have it when longing for home.

@kat: it's easy to go there! if you know abacan bridge, just go straight (there are like five turns, but take the road that is straight from the bridge). when you see a sign that says fresh options, take a left. you won't miss aling lucing's kasi malaki na sya! hope you make it. :)