Saturday, October 9, 2010

john lennon to a music dud

I have never hid the fact that I am a music dud. When it comes to music, I know little nor do I really feel compelled to know more that what comes to me. That's why I am glad to have a husband and friends who have quite a wellspring of music knowledge and appreciation because I learn a lot from them.

But John Lennon were just too big not to be detected by the limited scope of my radar. Like all things related to music, I know little about him. Other than being part of the Beatles, I knew that he was with Yoko Ono and that he was murdered by a fan. But I think the best part about John Lennon was his song Imagine.
Imagine is for any one who wanted war to end, who wanted peace to happen, who wanted people to work together. Sure, it's cliche. But the song just captures the feelings of one hoping for coexistence and a better world. Knowing that song was written by John Lennon was enough for me to have the highest respect for the man.

When the Pinoy Mafia went to Prague, the John Lennon wall was definitely in our itinerary. I did not get to do it with the gang because I spent time with Caryl, my sister-in-law. I thought I will not have the chance to visit the wall any more. Risa, however, was so kind as to join me when I decided to visit the wall on my own (thanks, Risa!).

Can't disagree with the message up there!

And of course, there has to be a line from a Beatle song. This is not the only one, I tell you.

The entire wall was filled with messages from different parts of the globe. There was supposed to be a mural of John Lennon but the numerous tourists and (welcome) vandalism has covered it up throughout the years. But the Imagine superimposed on the peace sign seemed to have survived. I felt chills just leaning on it, like I was connected with the others before me and the others after me who will visit that small space of democracy and expression.
Of course, I had to write on the wall, too. Good thing Risa brought a pen!

Risa and I have left our mark! That little peace sign over my name and "Pinas" below. Risa wrote "love justice." I think we would be both hippies if we were teenagers in the 60's. :P

Happy birthday, John Lennon. Thank you for your beautiful message of love and coexistence. I dare to think the world was a better place because you were in it.