Tuesday, May 11, 2010

freedom on two wheels

i've not really had the patience to write a decent travel entry for the past few weeks. i can blame work, but i must say it's all those crazy games in FB that stop me from being creatively productive. i figured, no one reads this blog anyway, why bother.

ah, but thanks to dusty sneakers for asking me for a travel story or two. i am momentarily inspired to take a few moments away from virtual farms, mafias, cafes, restaurants and resorts. i am encouraged to look back and remember wonderful memories of things that i actually experienced.

i couldn't bring myself to write about a place right now. but i do find myself often times, when stuck in traffic or waiting in line, missing Netherlands. particularly, the freedom and mobility of being on a bike. bikes which are every Dutchman's best friend.
i remember the many miles Barney (that purple bike up there) and i traveled while i was in den haag. the countless times we've gone to the schevinengen to enjoy the salty air of the beach and the feel of sand in between my toes (on summer days).

i remember barney and i finding our way by the lake near the shell station at the world forum tramstop. with that beautiful tree adding charm to the already amazing landscape. and after taking in the view and being amused by families sharing moments, we proceed to the westbroek park. there i watch people do different things. from playing soccer or frisbee to riding little boats to just laying down on the grass, enjoying a rare taste of sunshine.

barney has allowed me to feel liberty and freedom. of not being confined inside a car just to get from one place to another. his purple rusty glory has allowed me to experience den haag better. and i have netherlands to thank for that. because them Dutch people love their bikes and they love their freedom.

ah yes, fresh air, two wheels and a sense of adventure. you can go a long way with that. :)


dustysneakers said...

Can you believe I haven't taken Yoda (yes, my bike is short and green) out for a ride since I got him in Nov? It's May and yet the temperature never hits the double digits.

Thanks for posting, Anj, love it! :)