Sunday, March 14, 2010

Avenue Q at RCBC Theater: March 13-27, 2010

I saw the Philippine run of Avenue Q this afternoon at the RCBC Theater and it was awesome!

To be honest, I did not know much about Avenue Q except that it was famous for the song, "The Internet is For...", that it was a cross between Sesame Street and Rent (which got me curious) and that it was a big hit on Broadway.

When I heard it was going to have another run, I wanted to watch. Unfortunately, there were financial constraints. But God was good and blessed me with Pia and an extra ticket. So we watched this afternoon.

First song and I was already feeling good and enjoying myself. More so when the cast starts singing "It sucks to be me" (which is still playing in my head as I write this). It was just one great song after another. What's more, the actors were amazing! Aiza Seguerra was just perfect as Gary Coleman! She got his inflections down pat. What made it funnier was the fact that both were child stars who at some point lost popularity. Except Aiza bounced back. :P

Rachel Alejandro played Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut. Felix Rivera played Princeton and Rod. Joel Trinidad played just about everybody. Haha! He played Trekkie the Monster (I don't think it's easy to sing like a monster), Nicky and Bad Idea Bear. They were great at transitioning different characters without getting confused. Sometimes in one scene, they would play the two puppets. Ang galeng! Even Thea Tadiar did a great job playing the other puppets. Calvin Millado and Frenchie Dy round up the cast as Bryan and Christmas Eve.

Basta! It was just so fun watching them. Avenue Q is a great musical which reflects what people of in their quarter (and post-quarter) life crises are going through. When Bryan was singing it sucked to be him because he was turning 33 and unemployed, I felt a bit of ouch there. Haha!

If you like hiding angst in song, watch Avenue Q! You can email or contact them at 09398648143 and 09325642810 for tickets. You may also check their facebook page or buy tickets on ticketworld.