Sunday, February 28, 2010

Where the Hell is Matt Harding?

I love this video. I love the music. I love the people. I love Matt Harding. I am jealous of the extensive he has traveled to do his dance!

When I found out above my scholarship in the Netherlands, I wanted to buy myself a video camera just so I could document the Matt Harding dance in my travels. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get one in time. I had to content myself with pictures.

Oh well. There is always a way to have a mark your spot in a place you've been to, right? But I will always watch this video and relish in the thrills of travel. :)


dustysneakers said...

I love travel stories and I am loving yours!

Write about Bratislava's Bibiana Anj, I am writing one about Bratislava now and I'd like to link your story in that entry if it's there by the time I post it!

anj said...

oooh! i can make it! i do not have pictures though. but i can "steal" from the website (with credits of course). i had fun even by my lonesome. i can imagine the riot you guys had when you went. :)